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Airport Parking

Location 3 minutes from SJO airport

You take Uber from airport we will apply credit to car storage.

  • Open air parking in secured lot Guards and cameras 24/7
  • Inside and closed warehouse parking


Rates plus tax

  • Cash discount 5%
  • Minimum charge $ 100 good for 30 days or less $ 2 each additional day after 30 days.
  • Inside warehouse parking $ 165 for 30 days or less
  • second Month or fraction $ 5 per day.
  • Trickle charger $ 0.50 per day.


Additional services available at extra cost while car is in storage.

  • Car maintenance
  • Oil and filter change
    Car alignment and tire rotation and balancing
    Riteve inspection
    Marchamo renewal
  • Inside and out site car wash and car wax


June to August 31 Bonus

  • While you are in the USA and need to ship something back to Costa Rica you send it to our warehouse located in Palmetto FL ( Tampa) and we will give you a $ 100 discount on shipping.


Items not allowed to be shipped or imported into Costa Rica:

  • – Jewelry, valuables, currency, coin collections, gold, silver or platinum bullion.
    – Edibles – foods, spices, dog food, liquor, wine, anything that goes in your mouth or on your skin. same goes for your pets.
    – Chemicals, corrosives, flammables, explosives items under pressure such as a BBQ tank.
    – Paints, solvents, oils, varnishes, glues, cement additives, wd40 cans or any kind of liquids under pressure.
    – Cleaning supplies, detergents, soaps, in any form liquid, gas, powder or solid.
    – Medications, drugs, prescription drugs, make up, supplements etc..
    – Guns, ammo , BBQ tanks, Fire extinguishers
    – tires -Batteries or any hazardous, corrosive materials
    -live matter, biological matter : hides, mounted animals, plants, seeds, earth, un treated wood, dried plant or animal, or any biological matter etc.

Items that require permits: Air conditioners, wine coolers or anything with refrigerants

Items not allowed to be imported : Refrigerators and Freezers.

Not to ship:
Furniture that is made out of particle board or press wood. Can only be shipped if all items totally disassembled. Make sure to pack hardware in zip lock bags with these items.
Make sure to have instructions so you can assemble again.

Try to use sturdy plastic bins. Like the black with yellow tops. Flimsy plastic bins might crack or bend out of shape during transit.

For storage we need proof you are the legal owner of the car. Do not want to store stolen vehicles or vehicles that have not paid the import duties. Cars with temporary import permit are OK.

Cars, nothing inside cars ( no luggage, boxes, etc etc) Storage of personal effects can be provided at extra cost